Action  Adventure  Drama  Thriller  

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - rotten 50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 6.7


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Daniel Radcliffe as n Yossi Ghinsbergnn
Thomas Kretschmann as n Karlnn
Alex Russell as n Kevinnn
John Bluthal as n Ubcle Nissimnn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kashidomar 9 / 10

Adventurous and twisty and ......

I always love these adventure movies. These movies always produce a well plot with very much thrills. like all those this movie looked simply an adventure drama at first when some friend hired a guide to look for a village in jungle. These scenes are very much familiar and shows the traditional nature of the movie.The friends goes into the jungle and their journey begins with a guide. Like other movies they start it with lot of funs and enjoyed the jungle with their interest.But soon the stage changes with some dramatic actions and twists.This is the point i first found some curiosity in my mind and i really gave attention to it. The next one hour the movie delivered me many suspenses and violences and i was attracted towards it like a iron in a magnet. Suddenly lot of things were happening in the jungle which was so far very friendly and enjoyable. Suddenly it became ferocious..it started hunting them..it started to make suspicious movements..it Started to show the true colour of the movie...This portion along with the end is very good and u will enjoy. But the start a bit slow and ordinary. Actors are smart and they have done well. But the direction of it is a bit gloomy i think.There was many corner of improving that. Apart from these complaints the movie is a good one.

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